Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri (Venezia, February 29th 1944) is an Italian artist and illustrator.

A pupil of Renato Guttuso, in his experience as a painter he moved from using oil colors to acrylic, moving away from his master’s style and seeking a personal style.

In the 70s he also began a career as a cartoonist. His talent does not go unnoticed and is hosted among the artists of the newly born Orient Express magazine in the early 1980s. In August 1982 (on the third issue of Orient Express) the story “Maybe …” is published. In this story Serpieri begins to turn towards that erotic science fiction that will be his trademark and element of sure success with the future character of Druuna.

In 1985 he created Morbus Gravis, a comic book with a story mixing science fiction, eroticism and adventure, in which Druuna, his most famous character, was born created for the French monthly Charlie and serialized in Italy in the magazine L’Eternauta.

After the success of the first episode of Druuna the stories of the character follow up to our days. In October 2018 the last chapter of the saga, Venuta dal vento, published by Lo Scarabeo, was presented at Lucca Comics and Games.

The success of Serpieri’s works, and in particular of Druuna, goes beyond national borders and receives a great following internationally.

Sometimes Serpieri enjoys appearing as a character in his comics by willingly lending his face to lesser or even main characters, both in western comics and in the stories of Druuna, in which he plays Doc, a doctor committed to following the state of health of some characters inside a spaceship.